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Botox with Perceptions Aesthetic Spa

A non-surgical Botox® treatment diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, that don’t have to be a part of your aging process.  If you’re starting to see crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead creases, call Perceptions Aesthetic Spa for a Botox consultation.  See how Botox can change your appearance to a more vibrant, youthful look.   

Call our Roseville, CA medical spa at (916) 844-0155 to learn more about Botox in the greater Sacramento area.

botox cosmetic treatments in fairoaks and roseville, ca

What Is Botox & How Does It Work?

Botox is in a group of neuromodulators that functionally relaxes the muscle by inhibiting communication between the nerve junction and muscle fiber. The effect is a smoother, more youthful look as the ability for wrinkles to form is abated.

The Benefits of Botox

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the U.S. because of its ability to treat the types of dynamic wrinkles and expression lines listed above. However, patients also decide that Botox is their ideal choice for many other outstanding reasons.

Typically, Botox:

Our Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner meet with each Botox patient before their injections. Here, our skilled injectors can highlight the specific benefits you’re likely to experience from a Botox treatment. Learn more at your complimentary consultation.

What to Expect from Your Botox Treatment

Botox is administered by injection over multiple sites using an ultra-fine needle.  Your practitioner carefully examines the area you want corrected and will advise of the outcome.   After your injections you can expect to see results of your Botox within 3-5 days. 

We know that many of our patients are busy. Therefore, we will get you in and out as quickly and safely as possible so you can return to your daily life. Botox treatments take 15-30 minutes.

Post-Botox Recovery

After Botox, you can resume most normal activities immediately. Redness, swelling, and tenderness are common side effects of treatment that should resolve quickly.

Aftercare is minimal post-treatment. There are few restrictions, but we do ask patients to avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours. Don’t rub your injection site as it can cause the medication to spread and yield uneven results. Also be sure to avoid using Aspirin, NSAID medications (including Advil and Aleve, fish oil and vitamin E). These substances can reduce blood clotting and increase bleeding and bruising. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of aftercare instructions to help you gain the best possible results.

FAQS: Botox

Botox generally only works on expression wrinkles. For other lines and creases, we can recommend other effective options such as dermal fillers and laser skin rejuvenation.

This treatment pairs beautifully with most of our non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Many patients choose to pair Botox with dermal fillers to create a non-surgical facelift.

Results are temporary, but they can be long-lasting. Most patients will need to be retreated every 3-4 months to maintain optimal results.

Botox results should appear quickly after your treatment. You’ll start to see positive changes in 3-5 days. We recommend scheduling Botox at least a week before important events, so your treatment can begin working and side effects fade.

The cost of Botox is contingent upon on the amount needed. To help you plan for your expenses, we will provide you with a detailed estimate that breaks down the costs of your desired services.

When injections are skillfully administered, you should be able to make normal facial expressions, including frowns and smiles. All our injectors are expertly trained and strive to provide the best possible Botox results.

Cosmetic uses for Botox are abundant, but this treatment has many medicinal purposes as well. It can treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), muscle spasms, eyelid spasms, urinary incontinence, and chronic migraines.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

At Perceptions Aesthetic Spa, we would love to discuss your esthetic desires and incorporate Botox if it is the right product for you!  Consultations are complementary and the staff has more than 70 years of cumulative experience. Visit us at our Fair Oaks or Roseville locations.