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Kybella® and Facial Contouring

One of the most common facial complaints amongst aging patients is the development of a double chin. As the face ages, fat shifts downward and skin elasticity reduces, creating fullness and the appearance of a second chin. Such aging-related changes like these are to be expected, but modern treatments provide many options for retaining a youthful facial appearance. Perceptions Aesthetic Spa offers Kybella®, an innovative, non-surgical injectable treatment that can significantly reduce submental fullness.

What Is Kybella®?

Kybella® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment option to help reduce submental fullness, or excess fat under the chin without a surgical neck lift, facelift, or liposuction. Kybella® uses deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance that helps break down fat, injected into the treatment area to help create a more contoured jawline.

Your First Kybella Treatment: What to Expect


Clients new to Kylbella® at Perceptions Aesthetic Spa require a consultation to discuss your goals and examine your face to make sure that it is an effective facial contouring option for you prior to treatment. We’ll discuss the risks and benefits of treatment and can suggest complementary or alternative methods if applicable. You are welcome to ask questions and express any concerns that you may have.


We will begin by numbing the area beneath the chin. This numbing compound helps keep you comfortable as the solution is injected. Your specialist will carefully examine the area under your chin to pinpoint the best injection locations.

After the skin is numb, Kybella® is injected into the treatment area with several small injections, evenly spaced across the treatment zone. Each injection is quick, and since the site has been numbed, most patients feel little to no discomfort.


Patients can leave our office shortly after their final injection. Most patients will experience swelling, accompanied by bruising and numbness after their treatment.  Since every patient is unique, treatment timelines can vary, however most patients require several Kybella® treatments spaced at least one month apart.  Kybella® results can typically be seen within 4-6 weeks of the first treatment,  and the results often last for years. We expect that most patients will enjoy a permanent change in their appearance. 

Recovery After Kybella®

Since Kybella® is non-surgical and minimally invasive, recovery progresses quickly for most patients. Swelling is common, especially the first few days after treatment. Most of the swelling should resolve within a couple of days, but some residual swelling can remain for up to two weeks. You can return to work and daily activities as soon as you’re ready. Most patients miss a couple of days of work and many patients who schedule their appointment early on a Friday can often return to work by Monday.

We’ll provide complete recovery instructions and are available if you have any questions as you heal.

Are There Any Other Options for Non-Surgical Facial Contouring in Sacramento?

Each patient is different, which is why we maintain a wide range of effective treatment options.

Other facial contouring methods include:

Learn more about the best Kybella® treatments in Roseville, Vacaville, Rocklin, Folsom, and the greater Sacramento area by contacting us for a consultation today.

Kybella® FAQ

Patients receive a series of treatments until their ideal results are achieved. Each treatment is performed at least a month apart. Most patients will receive between 2-6 treatments.

The cost of your Kybella® treatment will depend on the number of injections necessary to achieve your desired results. We’ll provide an estimate for your treatment costs when you come in for your consultation.

The best way to decide if you’re a good candidate for one of our treatments is to come in for a consultation. Our team will review your goals and medical history to help you make an informed choice about your treatment options. We encourage you to ask us about Kybella® if you’re bothered by the appearance of submental fullness under your chin or you want to improve your facial contours.

Ready to Meet the New You?

Kybella® is an exciting treatment option for improving facial contours without surgery. This less-invasive alternative to facial liposuction requires minimal downtime and can provide long-lasting results.

Contact Perceptions Aesthetic Spa to learn more about Kybella® in Sacramento, Fair Oaks, and Roseville, CA. Call our office at (916) 844-0155 to schedule your consultation.