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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing – There are many options for rejuvenating the skin without surgery or invasive procedures. Perceptions Aesthetic Spa is committed to bringing our patients the latest non-surgical cosmetic advancements in advanced skincare. Our team-centered approach ensures that patients receive their treatments from highly trained medical aesthetic professionals.

Cosmetic laser treatments are a fantastic option for anyone looking to restore more youthful and vibrant skin. At Perceptions we offer a minimally ablative skin resurfacing laser treatment option (Fraxel) as well as a more invasive laser resurfacing (CO2). Both options offer clients enjoy smoother, brighter, and revitalized skin.

Explore your laser skin resurfacing options by calling our office at (916) 844-0155 or (916) 787-0155 or contacting us online today. 

How do lasers work to improve the skin?

Lasers use light and heat energy to cause controlled damage to the surface of the skin, so that your body reacts to heal the tissue. Laser energy stimulates fibroblasts to stimulate collagen production which helps the skin to look thicker and tighter. These treatments also remove the skin’s outermost layer. This makes way for new, undamaged skin cells to take their place. Collagen levels take time to increase, and our patients report improvement in the skin’s appearance for several months after treatment. Laser treatments offer long-lasting skin rejuvenation results— some even lasting for a year or longer.

What Laser Devices Are Used at Perceptions Aesthetic Spa?

Our team continually seeks out the latest treatments to improve and refine the skin. We have several laser options so clients can determine the best treatment for their goals.

CO2 Laser – For deep and comprehensive skin rejuvenation, few treatments can compete with the power of the CO2 laser. CO2 lasers have been used in aesthetic treatments for many years and remain the gold standard in skin rejuvenation because of their effective and transformative results.

In addition to laser rejuvenation and laser resurfacing options, we also offer other skin resurfacing options like IPL, Plasma Pen, Vivace RF Microneedling, Dermasweep.

What Does CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Treat?

CO2 Laser skin resurfacing is a versatile treatment that can address many common skin concerns, including:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin discoloration
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne scars
  • Poor skin texture

We encourage clients to speak with their current Perceptions Aesthetic Spa aesthetic provider about their specific skin concerns or schedule a consultation to discuss and learn more.

Caring for Your Skin After a Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Initially, the skin will be tender, sensitive and warm to the touch. It is important to keep the skin covered with a protective gel (i.e. Aquaphor or Alastin Nectar) at all times immediately following treatment. Following specific steps to protect and care for the skin can improve your overall recovery experience. Some of these may include:

  • Ice Packs – for comfort and inflammation, apply an ice pack (with a barrier) to the skin for up to 10 minutes at a time, several times each day for the first 24-48 hours.
  • Over-the-Counter Medications – Tylenol and other over-the-counter products can reduce discomfort after laser treatment. Your provider will discuss options.
  • Elevation – Elevating the head while you rest can increase comfort and help reduce swelling during healing. Many patients use an extra pillow while they rest.
  • Skin Itchiness – Your skin may feel itchy in the early healing phase.
  • Sun Protection – During recovery from laser resurfacing, the skin is more sensitive to the sun. Limiting time outdoors and using sun protection can protect the skin as it heals. We recommend using a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen daily after laser rejuvenation and reapplying it often when you’re spending time outdoors. Avoid direct sun exposure for at least one month after procedure. Lifetime daily sunblock use is recommended to prolong your results and protect your skin from photo-aging.
  • Avoid harsh products, exfoliants and Retin-A for 2 weeks post treatment. Avoid makeup for 3-5 days or as instructed by your treatment provider.

Full recovery after laser rejuvenation can take up to two weeks depending on the intensity of your treatment. Most patients have less than a week of complete downtime and return to their daily activities much sooner.

Our team will provide detailed recovery instructions. Patients can contact us if they have questions or concerns during recovery.

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If you are interested in laser skin resurfacing in Roseville, Sacramento, Fair Oaks, and the surrounding communities, please contact Perceptions Aesthetic Spa. We offer the latest skin rejuvenation treatments and can help your skin remain vibrant and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

During consultation, we will create a customized treatment plan based on your desired outcome. CO2 laser treatment will typically deliver great results with one treatment while a series of Fraxel laser treatments are typically recommended for optimal results.

Does Laser Resurfacing Hurt?

We take several steps to increase patient comfort during the treatment process, including periodic skin cooling and topical anesthetics. Some patients report mild discomfort during recovery. Using over-the-counter pain medications can reduce this discomfort significantly. Healing occurs quickly, and most discomfort will dramatically fade within a few days.

How Long Does Laser Resurfacing Take?

Treatment typically takes less than an hour. All laser treatments are performed at our office location in a comfortable treatment room by a skilled and experienced medical aesthetic provider.

Is there downtime after Fractional Laser Resurfacing? 

Fractional resurfacing lasers typically require a few days of downtime after the treatment.  There are only 2-3 days of redness and swelling after the Fraxel laser; the Fraxel does not ablate the surface of the skin, so you may apply makeup during this time if you would like.  The Fractional CO2 Laser is more aggressive than the Fraxel laser, requiring 4-5 days of downtime after the treatment.  However, only one treatment is necessary with the Fractional CO2 Laser (compared to 4 Fraxel treatments), so some patients find that the Fractional CO2 is more convenient.  Both lasers are very efficacious and have excellent results. 

Do I Need to Use Sun Protection After Laser Resurfacing?

Yes. The skin is very sensitive after a laser treatment and is more likely to burn when exposed to the sun. Avoid direct sun exposure and wear daily sunscreen of SPF 30 or more reapplied throughout the day. It is recommended to cover up and wear a large-brimmed hat for at least a week after each session.

What Other Treatments Complement Laser Resurfacing?

Perceptions Aesthetic Spa is dedicated to bringing our patients the latest treatments for a beautiful face, skin, and body. Many of our non-surgical treatments pair well with laser rejuvenation, enhancing and extending the results. Our team can recommend additional procedures to maximize your results, including Botox, Dermal fillers, Dermasweep, IPL, Microneedling, and Medical-Grade facials. Additionally, a medical grade skin care regimen is an important part of overall skin fitness and helps maximize the benefits of your laser resurfacing treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Patients interested in learning more about laser rejuvenation are invited to contact our office for a consultation. Our team of skincare experts can recommend effective treatment options for your skin concerns.

Start your journey toward rejuvenated skin today!

To learn more about Laser Resurfacing Options, we invite you to schedule a consultation with a member of our team today. Please contact us or call us at 916.844.0155 or 916.787.0155.